Friday, 31 July 2015

Where is that makeup sharpener?

Seriously, where is it? I need to use it for a white makeup pencil that makes eyeshadow pop. Ok, I rarely use eyeshadow and I need to scrub off the white with oil so it kind of comes off but I know it makes my life so much shinier and gold when I have it on. Oh! I usually have such good memory, where is it?! Is this worth my effort? Could I be using my time on something more productive?

And that tube of aloe vera that I use once every two months? My skin is itchy  after some eyebrow threading and nothing else could soothe it. Ooh, I found it only after two minutes of searching through the ‘what I thought was small but now it looks like a bottomless pit’ bathroom drawer.  Could I have used another product that is multipurpose? Did I really need to get rid of half my eyebrows? 

And all my winter shirts? I don’t touch my seasonal clothing box and stir a mess. I’m going away for a few days though and I should take at least a couple of them out or I might get hypothermia... That might be a bit farfetched but I need to take them out to stay warm in this subtropical winter.

And do I really need all those candles? One of them smelt nice but there is so many candles I can burn at once. Plus I think more an oil burner sort of girl.

How did I end up with all this stuff? What are the things that drove me to think I needed or wanted them? What are the things that reinforce those ideas? What do I want to discard? What do I want to take in?

What is it that I really need and value?

I guess I’m about to find out.

In the meantime, that pencil will stay unsharpened and it’s gonna bug me…